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From simple websites through e-commerce and dedicated applications I am your go-to man. I have designed and developed lots of them, both solo and as part of a team. I have experience in both server and client-side languages (PHP, Python, JavaScript) and design supporting syntax (HTML5, CSS3). You can see the highlights of my work below.



I have set up, maintained and supported many server applications. I currently host websites, e-mail, as well as some more advanced or niche servers. I have experience with gaming (ArmA, Team Fortress) to high-availability nodes. My main priorities when doing server work is simplicity, security, and speed. I can help you with any task, ranging from hosting Wordpress to a highly advanced custom setup.



During my career, I stumbled upon the possibilities of Digital Marketing. I am currently an AdWords marketer certified by Google, and I have set up and maintained many campaigns worldwide. My main area of expertise is PLA, but I have proven work experience in Search, GDN, and YouTube advertisements. I will gladly help you start or optimize a full-fledged campaign.


See what I've created.

Premium Mobile

PHP, Perl, MySQL, Debian, Nginx

I was a part of the team that built and managed this Polish MVNO’s web presence in its startup phase. Ranging from designing and developing the website, through lead generation, reporting and synchronizing with call center's CRM. I was in charge of developing and updatingthe website and CMS, along with being the only person responsible for its servers operation. The start-up is still growing and is successful in the competitive telco market.

Soft Print

PHP, Ruby, MySQL, SOAP, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS

I have designed and developed this print house management software - one of the first in existence when it was created. Features include: tight API integration with UPS (label printing, pickup requests, package tracking), advanced work planning, automated print preflight and dropshipping support. The project was partially funded by the EU and has passed the verification.


PHP, Wordpress, RankScanner, Google Analytics

I have been recommended to this client by my friend to clean up their hacked Wordpress. After securing the website and making sure it's as hardened as it can be, I have been tasked to improve their ranking in SERP. The website has had outdated code and weak, unattractive content. I have optimized the code and replaced most of the content, and the website is still climbing in Google for the desired keywords, with a rise of two pages in the first week.